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  • In 2010
    • In 2010, Menghe town was assessed by the Chinese machinery union as "China's auto and motorcycle town", the domestic auto industry is booming, auto parts market demand is booming, affected by the environment and friends, to buy machines, to undertake processing business, polishing products.
  • In 2012
    • 12 years rented 2000 square meters factory, began to produce finished products, SUV pedals, opened the domestic 1688.
  • In 2015
    • The company's annual sales exceeded more than 10 million yuan, but at the same time faced a large number of debt problems, but the wages of workers, processors of materials can not be delayed, can only seek a new development route, so in 2016, our domestic trade only choose to cooperate with good customers, and then began to expand the foreign trade department.
  • In 2017
    • Ali International Station was officially opened to recruit foreign trade sales and set up a team. However, at the same time, it encountered the problem of recruitment difficulty. Located in a remote town, foreign trade talents were scarce, resulting in no improvement in the development of foreign trade.
  • In August 2019
    • The Ministry of Foreign Trade moved to the city center. In October, I recruited three experienced senior salesmen, and the road of foreign trade really began.
  • In March 2020
    • We recruited a foreign trade manager to join our team, but suffered from the epidemic at the same time, so we could only devote ourselves to Ali International Station. In July of the same year, we received a customer from Dominica, and the transaction of the first order was more than 200,000 yuan, so we began to pay attention to Ali and began to pay for promotion. In October, we opened a high-quality sincere enterprise
  • In 2021
    • The second international station opened in January 2021 and the third international station opened in August 2021, and saw live short video trends, shooting product and production videos, daily and industry live factory visits
  • In 2022
    • Our team is growing, talents are constantly gathering, and the division of responsibilities is clear. So far, we have cooperated with customer groups from more than 90 countries around the world, and 3 major customers in the industry have signed agency contracts with us. There are new customers on the platform almost every day.
  • In the future
    • We will face the world with the help of Google website and spread our products and word of mouth through social media to create a well-known brand in auto parts and interior decoration industry.
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