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"Dream In Heart and Forge Ahead"
Honghang means red and sailing in Chinese. Red is the color of fire, the seed of energy; sailing is the process of effort. "Dream In Heart and Forge Ahead" is the soul of our company. This is also a true portrayal of the founder of the company. The protagonist, Ms. Wu Tongmei, whose nickname is Sailing, have loved the story of the Red Army's Long March since she was a child. Deeply influenced by the Red Army's perseverance and self-improvement of the famous clan's spirit, he set an early ambition to work hard for the revival of the famous clan.
The wind of the times blows
In September 2007, the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission listed Changzhou Menghe Automobile and Motorcycle Parts Industry Cluster as one of the 100 key industrial clusters to be cultivated in the province
In November 2009, the China Machinery Industry Federation Zhongji Lianzhi [2009] No. 455 document awarded the title of "China Automobile and Motorcycle Parts Town" to Menghe Town, Changzhou City.
In 2010, Ms. Wu Tongmei was in her early 20s. Influenced by friends and the surrounding environment, she founded Honghang Auto Parts Co., Ltd., and started her road of auto parts. She is committed to producing better and more cost-effective products for the world. car accessories, protect and decorate the body, and create value for users.
To face difficulties, not afraid of difficulties
At this time, the domestic auto parts industry belongs to an era of rapid development, but we faced many difficulties in the early stage of our business; 1. The factory construction requires site selection, and government approval, the geographical location is remote, and it is extremely difficult to recruit people; 2. There are few product types,and no innovative research and development capabilities can only be made into popular and non-featured ordinary products, resulting in the inability to produce production and the company's development encountering major bottlenecks.
Chairman Wu Tongmei said: When we encounter problems, we will solve them. The Long March is a long journey, and we have only just begun. We must not give up halfway. In the future, we will distribute our products all over the world.
But for a first-time entrepreneur, a small company starting from 0, it is easier said than done to make a product recognized by the world.
CEO Wu started a drastic innovation. First, he established a professional team and recruited professional elite talents at all costs. Second, according to market demand, he increased investment in product molds, so that we can have what others do not have, and what others have, we are superior. In the next year, CEO Wu personally led the formation of the team, made products, made sales, and worked hard. Finally, in 2014, the company entered the right track.
Market chaos and crisis
At the end of 2015, the domestic auto parts market was chaotic, especially the serious arrears of customers, which led to new difficulties in the development of the company; at the same time, CEO Wu found that some foreign trade companies around him had a lot of business orders, and even working overtime every day was too late to produce , and all cash delivery. For domestic trade, the foreign trade market is larger and the demand is more extensive. At this time, CEO Wu had an idea in his heart, should we also adjust the direction? This time, CEO Wu once again innovated and transformed from domestic sales to foreign trade. So from the beginning of 2016, Honghang officially began to enter the foreign trade platform. At the first time, it set up a foreign trade team, hired professional talents, subdivided job responsibilities, and organized the structure to let them Spontaneous drive. Until now, Red Air's customers have spread all over the world in more than 100 countries.
Company Vision
The company's vision is to hope that they can use our new products in their countries to cooperate and quickly occupy the customer market; at the same time, the factory directly supplies, accepts customization, and uses the low product price and research and development capabilities to quickly purchase the front end of the industry.
The concept of the employees of Honghang Company is to hope that they will work together for the former employees to realize their self-worth and gain freedom of wealth, so that China Changzhou Xiaohe will shine all over the world and make more contributions to the local GDP.

Our company covering 5000 square meters including workshop and warehouse. Develop more than 200+ molds for new products every month.

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