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The prospects of the development of new energy vehicles

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First: The prospects of the development of new energy vehicles

The auto market in recent years, new energy vehicles will be a high heat discussion is more of a niche market at the same time, as a new type of car, the development prospects of new energy vehicles has both good side, bad side:

1. Good: policy and trend To say why the prospect of new energy vehicles is good, or some of the good. Is a policy, even if the present domestic policy step back, but the overall situation, the policy for the help of new energy vehicles is still huge, both policy subsidy policy is convenient, can let the market promising; The other is the trend. In the increasingly strict environmental regulations today, the whole trend of car market in the new energy in advance, this undoubtedly also confirmed before the future of new energy vehicles.

2. Bad: product, environmental protection than say the prospect of new energy vehicles is  "bad", or some of the adverse factors. Is a product, have to admit, to the present new energy automobile market as a whole in terms of product of the force, is far less fuel cars, it would also be now many consumers don't choose a major points of the new energy vehicles; The other is False, environmental protection. Many research institutions are pointed out, and now the new energy vehicles, not real environmental protection, the whole life process of carbon emissions, even higher than fuel vehicles.

Development Trend of New Energy Vehicle Industry

In general, energy conservation and emissions reduction, called for under the trend of environmental protection, new energy vehicles will be the future development of the trend of The Times, but overall there are still some obstacles of development.

Second: The development trend of new energy vehicles

New energy vehicles has more broad prospects for development, is now the technology and development, the future development of new energy vehicles mainly presents the following trends:

1. Lightweight, energy efficient cars

New energy car lightweight: on the one hand, because there is no engine and the electric drive system, car body structure is simple a lot; On the other hand, high strength steel, aluminum alloy and plastic composite material coupling application will also reduce body weight.

From the perspective of energy efficiency, because there is no huge consumption in the process of combustion and transmission (less than 30% of the energy utilization car) fuel, electric energy efficiency will have a great improvement.

2. High-end new energy car share will gradually increase

On the supply side, China's new energy automotive technology level to a new level, the travel distance market began to appear longer and higher gold content in technology, experience and stronger Products.

From the point of consumption, the mainstream and high-end luxury new energy automobile products share will gradually increase, and the entry-level share will gradually decline.

As the new energy subsidy policy completely quit, lack of technology, service value low-end products will lose its competitive advantage.

3. Intelligent, snatched the energized for new energy automobile market

In a new generation of information technology revolution and under the background of automobile consumption upgrade, new energy vehicles intelligent upgrade will be the trend of The Times.

Mainly use electricity direct drive new energy vehicles is the best carrier intelligent snatched technology, such as unmanned need perception, decision-making, implementation of dozens of parts with high efficiency, steady work can complete, all parts and new energy vehicles, powered by electricity, reduce the technical difficulty of collaboration between the various parts, improve the security of the automatic control. New energy automotive to intelligent snatched the upgrade will be the future trend of development.

Third: What are the meaning of the development of new energy vehicles?

New energy vehicles will be the future development direction of automobile industry, the development of new energy vehicles is of great significance:

1. Environmental significance We are in the earth's environment is deteriorating, accelerate global warming, species extinction, climate change, the polar ice melt lead to rising sea levels and so on. The car belongs to a great factor in global carbon emissions, in order to energy conservation and emissions reduction, global each country will be the development of new energy vehicles as the key project, many countries have announced traditional fuel vehicle ban project.

2. Technical innovation significance Traditional fuel vehicles have been developed hundreds of years, the technology is already very mature, the core components of engine, gearbox development is close to technical bottleneck, it is difficult to have is connected to the identification and translation.

Compared with the traditional fuel vehicles, new energy automotive technology has larger development space, motor and motor controller synthesis efficiency can achieve 90%, and the space of ascension; Battery technology is also in progress year by year, range of new energy vehicles is getting longer and longer, the charging time is becoming more and more short.

3. Practical significance,New energy vehicles due to the motor characteristics, can provide more stable, to ride more comfortable ride. In addition, in electrification, integration, intelligent direction of new energy vehicle than fuel vehicles has a bigger development space, stronger practicability.

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