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Product Promotions in March Purchasing Festival

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Product Promotions in March Purchasing Festival

Dear Boss

Have a good day and wish you everything goes well.

This is Tina from Honghang, which is a proferssional auto parts manufacturer in Changzhou,China with more than 12+ years experience. Main Products For American, Japanese, Germany,Universal Series About Front Lip, Side Skirts, Rear Diffuser, Rear Spoiler, Side Fender, Hood Outlet, Antenna, Front Grille.

Thank you for your support to our company. In order to give back to our customers, we will hold an online event in March. Discounts on some products, free samples, coupon issuance. According to our data report, our industry and products are developing at a high speed that you will see our more and more new products. Become our partner and earn market dividend money together.

Our development and production are very fast. We support the complete service process from product customization and product mold development to mass production, to transportation and after-sales. We are committed to continuously creating value for our customers and helping them to grow against the trend despite the overall economic downturn. Seeing hope, working hard, the future will be better.

The following is the discount product catalog


If you are interested in our company and products, contact me. I'll send you activity catalog and price list. Aslo I will give you many coupons and big discount.

Welcome to visit our website and store, have business license, factory audit video and certification materials, patent certificate.

Look forward to hear from you.

Best Regards


Wechat/WhatsAPP:+86 13515251309

Company Website:https://honghangtech.com/

Alibaba Store: https://czhonghang.en.alibaba.com/




Company address: No.28 Jiulong Road, Menghe Town, Xinbei District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

Product Inquiry
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