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Belt and Road and car modification market

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"Chinese car companies 'going out' to enter the Middle East market must actually 'enter' the market to meet local needs and realize brand value 'go up'," Wei Huacheng, vice chairman of BAIC Group, recently accepted Xinhua in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Said in an exclusive interview with the agency reporter.

With the continuous advancement of my country's "Belt and Road" construction, more and more Chinese car companies have begun to enter the Middle East market. According to statistics from the Egyptian Motor Vehicle Market Information Committee, the share of Chinese auto brands in Egypt has exceeded 10%.

Wei Huacheng said that the demand for automobiles in the Middle East and North Africa is diversified. The Gulf countries have a higher demand for high-end automobiles, while the Egyptian market values cost-effectiveness. He also said: "According to the different needs of countries in the region, Chinese car companies should change their previous thinking of focusing on themselves, and instead focus on customer needs and truly enter the local market."

For example, Wei Huacheng said that the primary considerations for Egyptians when buying a car are adequate air conditioning, high horsepower, and cost-effectiveness. For this reason, BAIC has carried out commercial modification on the complete vehicles exported to Egypt to meet local needs as much as possible.

Another requirement for "walking in" is to do a good job in after-sales service. Michael Awad, the owner of a BAIC brand car, told reporters at a 4S store in Cairo that one of the reasons for choosing the BAIC brand is its comprehensive after-sales and value-added services, including free oil and filter replacement, as well as "car owner's day" activities held from time to time.

"The after-sales service of the 4S store is meticulous and thoughtful. Every time I come here, I feel like I am at home," he said.

Wei Huacheng said that after "going in", the next question is how to build brand awareness and "walk up" the brand value. He said: "When we enter a market, we not only need to consider how to sell products, but also to improve the recognition of the brand value of BAIC by the government and the market."

Wei Huacheng said that one way to increase brand value is to export advanced technology, and new energy vehicles are exactly the new technology that Egypt needs. "The development of new energy vehicles is the only way for developing countries such as Egypt. BAIC is willing to work with the Egyptian government and people to create a more comfortable environment with high-quality electric vehicles and flexible solutions," he said.

Talking about the future development plan of BAIC in Egypt, Wei Huacheng said that Egypt has a large population and great market potential; The Middle East region, and plans to carry out CKD assembly of all components.

Wei Huacheng said that in the process of actively promoting the construction of the "Belt and Road", Egypt will be an important link, and BAIC will strive for common development with the local economy and industry in Egypt

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